Advantages of Neon and LED signs at home.

Many enterprising homeowners always seek ways to enhance the decor of their home,

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often making large investments to achieve this and usually receiving mixed results. Strategically deploying neon and LED signs as a way to improve the overall aesthetic experience one receives when encountering them for the first time at a home bar in the basement, will certainly create a favorable impression upon visitors during family parties, birthday parties, and other special occasions. Neon signs can be purchased at an affordable price, are easy to maintain, environmentally friendly, can be programmed to display different messages, are normally the equivalent of an unofficial greeter for the home, and can at times, serve as a conversation starter. These signs also have the distinction of adding a certain touch of class, and authenticity to the home bar, which certainly would make the space more appealing, inviting, often creating a festive and exciting atmosphere. Additionally, a neon sign prominently displayed, tends to evoke memories of experiences at a favorite neighborhood bar, sporting event, or one’s unforgettable college years. Homeowners and apartment dwellers alike, should consider investing in neon and LED signs as a way to add a personalized touch or effect to their living space, that will make them, their families and friends, feel right at home.

Financial Benefits of Neon Signs

Neon signs will bring you many financial benefits. First off, they will attract customers, bringing you a larger profit. People are attracted to these fun and alluring signs. By using these signs, customers are able to see that you are making a visible effort to gain their business, and they in turn want to help you out because of that. These signs also make passerby’s aware of what product or service you are offering. These are some of the greatest and easiest advertising tools. Another financial benefit of these signs is that they last so unbelievably long. These lights will last almost three times as long as regular bulbs. Once you buy these neon signs, your business will be saving a huge amount of money since the signs will not have to be replaced as often. After a couple of months, these neon signs will pay for themselves since they will be attracting so much business and raking in so much profit for you. Neon signs are the smart choice for any business owner looking to for a great way save money and attract customers at the same time.

LED Lights and the Environment

By using light-emitting diodes, or LED lights, you are helping to preserve and protect the environment. These lights give off reduced emissions compared to normal light bulbs. This greenhouse gas reduction is going to help reduce our carbon footprint and help keep global warming at bay. If you are looking for simple and relatively inexpensive ways to go green in your home or office, then LED lights are one small step to doing just that. These lights are also very cost-effective. They will stay running at least three times longer than regular bulbs while using 90% less energy. The initial cost may seem like a bit much for a lightbulb, but you will hardly ever have to change these lights. After a couple of years, these lights will have paid for themselves. The economical advantage of these lights cannot be ignored. LED lights make it easy for you to decide to do your part to help with the environment.

The Benefits of LED and Neon Signs

LED and neon signs have the potential to attract many more customers than you would have thought possible to your business. LED and neon signs summon and lure customers. These signs are flashy and people notice them. By using these signs for your business, you are enticing customers to come see what all the excitement is about. People are attracted to bright lights and flashy things, so by using these, you are playing with natural human tendencies and therefore luring the subliminal mind of customers. These signs are also fun. People want to shop at or visit fun places. These signs will liven up your business and make it look fresh and youthful; LED and neon signs have many practical reasons as well. They are very energy efficient and will stay running for hundreds of thousand of hours. This makes them one of the best investments your business can have. These lights cost so little for how long they will last. These lights are much easier on the environment since they do not require replacement very often and are made out of natural gases. These signs also come in a wide variety of colors, perfect for any need.

LED signs — are they worth it?

For a while, my shop has had a neon sign in the front window. While the glow is quite pretty, recently it started making an awful buzzing noise and, last week, it finally stopped working. I went online to see what my options were for getting it repaired or replaced. Then I found out that you can get LED signs to advertise your business. Having weighed up the choices, I decided to go with the LED sign. It seemed that it was more versatile, and slightly cheaper. I had a look at the instructions that came with it, and found it uses a lot less power than the neon sign. Fitting it was a breeze too. Telling it what messages I wanted was a bit trickier, but I got that figured out in the end, and now I’m all set. At the minute, I’ve got it displaying my specials in the window — something that a neon sign couldn’t have done. So, while it lacks a bit of the class and the character of a neon sign, I’m pretty happy with my new LED sign.

LED lighting in your house

This week, I’ve looked at replacing the lighting in my house with LED lights. I thought this would be a massive challenge, but to my surprise, there are a number of consumer products out there now that work. One of the places I identified are the downlighters in my kitchen. I found that I could directly replace these with LED lights, instead of the halogen bulbs I had before. Considering how long they last, the LED lights aren’t that expensive, and they’re about as bright as the ones I’ve swapped out, while consuming a lot less power, getting a lot less hot, and lasting a lot longer. Another thing I’ve bought recently is an LED sign for my pool room. I like to spend some time in there at the weekend, but because it’s only recently been finished (it used to be a garage!) the walls are quite bare. The new sign is pretty cool, and it definitely gives it a bit of the feel of a real pool hall. I think the next thing I’m going to do is get a dart-board.

LED signs for your shop

If, like me, you’re a small business owner, you’ll know that part of the battle is getting the customer in the shop in the first place. I’ve found one of the best ways to do this is with an eye-catching sign. This can really help with getting people’s attention, and getting them to notice the shop. A number of times, my eyes have been drawn the SCUBA diving shop at a near-by intersection, thanks to the flashing LED sign in the window. I looked into getting one of these for myself, and I’ve found that they’re not as expensive as I thought. While neon signs still have a classic look about them, LED signs are cheaper to run, and some of them can display different messages. Flashing, scrolling or changing the message on the sign is a good way to interest people. LED signs can do this easily. All in all, I’m happy with my new sign. I think I’ve gained a couple of extra customers because of it, and it didn’t break the bank.

Illuminated Signs: Neon vs. LED

For many years the norm for illuminated sign design was neon signs made from neon gas or other noble gas lights. These lights however have proven to be easily outperformed by the new LED signs created by a small light unit called a light emitting diode or LED. There are numerous ways in which an LED sign can aid your business in not only attracting new customers, but also conveying important information to passersby.

These benefits can be summarized in 3 main categories; effectiveness, cost, and maintenance. LED signs are exceptionally effective in capturing the attention of individuals within their field of view. Because the light emitting diode used in an LED shines clearer than neon shines, the sign will seem sharper from both close vantages as well as further away. Limitless shades of color abound from LED signs, and all colors can be made to flash, or dance in waves, or even seem to fade in and out while changing colors.

These signs compete with every other sign design on the market today, and are as if not more affective than the traditional neon light sign. Signs made up of LED lights are not only the cheapest self-illuminating sign to produce, but they are also the cheapest to run. An LED sign uses on average 75% less power than a comparable neon sign. The great thing about the LED is that it will save you money in purchase price, save you money on your power bill, and also save you money on your cooling costs in the summer because they run 5 times cooler than comparable alternative form of self-illuminated signs. If choosing an exterior sign, the manufacturing costs of a neon sign compared to an LED sign is drastic enough to be the sole reason to make the choice for LED.

The last benefit which we will cover is certainly not the least important by any means. Sign maintenance is a booming business in America and it is mostly supported by the antiquated signs of yesteryear which dot our landscape. With the new technology of LED signs and neon signs, high maintenance costs are simply a thing of the past. Many business owners say that they will replace existing neon lights with LED once the old light has burned out, however considering ongoing maintenance costs coupled with the fact that the LED sign uses less energy, most companies simply should not wait until their existing sign fails before making the switch to LED.

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